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Big Woods Labradors is devoted to producing the highest quality dogs.

We began breeding top quality dogs in 2001. Since then, we have raised about a litter each year and placed them in homes well fit for our dogs. We take pride in our dogs. We sell about half our dogs to hunters and half to be a family member in the house. We know our dogs will be wonderful in the house, awesome hunters and competitors.

Our family loves the outdoors, hunting, fishing and animals. It's great to meet the new owners of our dogs. It's not surprising those interested in a top quality dog have quite a few similar interests with us.

I'm retired now and it affords me the opportunity to spend all day, every day with our dogs and puppies. Iím able to constantly train and bond with our dogs and puppies on the acreage we live. I train the trainer. Our three adult Labradors are exceptionally well trained. Our puppies socialize, play and learn from them. We donít raise puppies for profit and don't even break even. We want to share the emotional support, joy, happiness and companionship a dog offers - just as our dogs do for us.

I use hand signals and soft words to train and have earned the nickname ďThe Puppy WhispererĒ. The greatest way to say something is to say nothing at all. Silence speaks louder than words. If a dog does something you donít want them to do, itís not their fault. Theyíre just being a dog. Reward the positive. Negative discipline never works. If they have a potty accident, never hit a dog or rub their nose in it. Itís YOUR fault, not theirs.

Jim Quistorff
31502 290th Street
Shell Rock, Iowa 50670
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