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Our goal at Big Woods Labradors' is breeding labradors with well-balanced personable dispositions. Traits needed for around the house and small children. Also exhibiting outstanding natural hunting skills.

Whether you desire a home companion, hunting partner and/or a competitor, our Labradors are prepared to meet and exceed your expectations. We understand that your new dog will be as much a part of your family as our dogs are a part of ours.

We believe that bonding and socialization is crucial during early development. With excellent breeding and basic obedience training completed (for started dogs), our Labradors have a natural instinct to please and impressive quality. These traits enable our labs to learn quickly.
Fortunately, the entire family enjoys spending time to bond, give praise, and corrections. All have been trained by the trainer to be consistent with corrections and praise. Basic obedience training, done in this manner, allows for an easier transfer to the new owner or trainer.

For information about us, see the Contact Info/About Us Page.

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